Meet the Women of Intuita: Liz Fraser

To celebrate International Women’s Day, throughout March we are putting a spotlight on the brilliant women of Intuita, finding out more about their roles within the business and how they got to where they are today.

First up is Liz Fraser, one of our Principal BI Consultants.

Liz Fraser headshot

Tell us about your role at Intuita:

I’m a Principal BI Consultant here at Intuita, and my main role at the moment is ownership of the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) model, including business use cases and future enhancements to the model, for one of our key clients. CLV is a key metric that we help shape in order to meet the needs of an evolving business with multiple stakeholders and requirements, whilst ensuring that it remains relevant and consistent with other data sources.

My day-to-day responsibilities include stakeholder management, requirements gathering and analysis of data produced. A large part of my role is the communication and translation between data and business people, both in terms of requirements and also ensuring the data is used appropriately.

How did you get to where you are today?

I’ve always loved problem solving, logic and spotting patterns, which led me to complete a Maths degree at the University of Cambridge! After this, I joined Vodafone’s graduate scheme and tried a variety of roles, but ended up in reporting and performance management. This involved creating complex excel spreadsheets, making links between different business areas and using data to improve business performance.

Since then I have worked in a variety of roles in different industries, from the promotional performance of orange juice, to international new car launches and even hotel bookings in Disneyland. So lots of different jobs but always the same theme of using data to make business decisions.

What is the best thing about your job?

It’s using data! And I love how varied and interesting the job is.

In the past some of my roles have involved looking for the data that tells the right story. But here at Intuita, we use the right data in the right way, not manipulating it to suit the business.

I also love being part of a great team. The team is made up of different backgrounds and experience but it’s all intelligent and like-minded people who show mutual respect and work together really well.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #BreaktheBias – what’s your experience of gender bias in our industry?

One of the main things I’ve noticed during my career is that men are more confident at aiming higher for promotions, salaries and job titles etc. For example, my husband and I have the same degree qualification from the same university, but even though he took several years out before starting work, he progressed much quicker than I did and was always able to get the promotions and new jobs he went for – I think this is because he was more assertive in order to get what he was entitled to!

In general, I think women wait more to be recognised, rather than having that ‘don’t ask, don’t get’ attitude. Luckily for me, Intuita is a fair employer and they’ve been proactive in recognising and rewarding me for my achievements, but in other companies I know I wouldn’t be so lucky, and would have to be more outspoken if I wanted to progress.

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