Meet the team: Chrystalla Hadjipavlou, Associate Analytics Director

Next up in our Meet the Team series is Chrystalla, our Associate Analytics Director, who shares insights on her role at Intuita and what an ‘average’ day looks like.

Professional photo of Chrystalla in the Newbury office

Describe your role at Intuita

First and foremost, my role is to ensure we have a community of likeminded individuals, promote collaboration, knowledge sharing and best practices.

It is very important to understand the wider team make up and every individual’s strengths as this gives me the ability to help shape new project teams and identify new opportunities for individuals to explore.

My role also covers leading projects, providing steer on their direction and help with their delivery. This comes hand in hand with client management that enables us to build strong relationships with our stakeholders and create confidence for all our outputs, as at the end of the day, it is all about finding pragmatic solutions to the challenges they face.

What does a normal day look like for you?

My day-to-day activities involve a combination of things, starting with the fundamentals; leading project teams, helping in their delivery and ensuring knowledge is shared amongst the group. This can be client-specific or from a best practice point of view.

In parallel, I contribute to ongoing project reviews to establish how different streams of work should or could evolve. This may lead to us identifying new opportunities, adjusting our approach or completely changing the direction of our work. I find this exercise to be quite creative because it involves recognising new prospects, both from a project and skillset point of view, as we may spot opportunities for individuals from the wider team to get involved.

In reality all activities come in waves and sometimes it can get a bit stormy!

What’s your favourite part of the role?

Simply two things; the people and the problem solving challenge.

I am very passionate about people and I care deeply about who I work with; I need people around me to look up to, learn from, be challenged by and at the same time, I find it hugely rewarding to offer support and development to anyone that needs my help, especially when this translates to results and a successful delivery.

As for work itself, I enjoy a puzzle; the process of understanding a business problem, learning more about it, breaking it down and then help set the scene for it. This activity can take many forms, from individual effort to team collaboration, and they are (nearly) all fun!

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