Meet the team: Tim Judd, Associate Technical Director

Due to our strong growth, we’ve recently introduced a new role at Intuita, the Associate Director, which offers exposure to all levels of our organisation and opportunities to experience all elements of the project lifecycle. We spoke to our newly promoted Associate Technical Director, Tim, to find out more about what his role involves.

Tim sat at his desk

Describe your role at Intuita

I see my role as to help drive the technical direction of the company. We have started working with or consulting on behalf of a number of partner technology companies, so a substantial part of my role is understanding what we will or may be working with, maintaining those relationships and developing new ones.

I also work on internal research & development projects and am often called in to advise our clients on architectural, design or technical subjects.

What does a normal day look like for you?

Firstly, my office to home base occupancy ratio is 2/3. I usually work in the Newbury office but occasionally in our London one too, and when I’m in the office I like to catch up on client progress across the business.

At the moment I’m devoting as much time as I can to progress our R&D work. This includes conceptual or technical design, data modelling, generating the required synthetic data and even coding and making things work. This work progresses within a small but highly experienced data engineering team which we structure internally.

I’m also active on pre-work for our technology partners. For example, we performance tested some JSON transactions through a relational database provider we partner with, in order to assess whether it’s plausible for us to run a proof of concept for a very high volume transactional application a potential client has.

What’s your favourite part of the role?

It’s the work on the internal R&D projects that comes out on top. I’ve been operating at a hands off capacity for some time in former roles and here I get the chance to be active in all parts of design and build. It’s a refreshing change.
I’m being tasked to bring the most appropriate tools to our designs to build products that solve company and industry problems. In that respect, it does help that within the company there is vast experience to draw upon and an appetite to bring that to bear.

I would also say that the ethos of the company is to work in the right way and look after its own employees, which helps significantly.

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