Meet the Women of Intuita: Jo Kenworthy

To celebrate International Women’s Day, throughout March we are putting a spotlight on the brilliant women of Intuita, finding out more about their roles within the business and how they got to where they are today.

In this blog we hear from Jo Kenworthy, our Marketing Coordinator, about how she went from a languages degree to working here at Intuita, plus how her thoughts on gender bias changed after reading Invisible Women.

Tell us about your role at Intuita:

I joined in a new role at Intuita in February and am responsible for overseeing our marketing strategy and running our different marketing channels such as social media, website and PR. Intuita has such a unique approach to consultancy and so much talent and experience in the team, and it’s my job to communicate this to the outside world!

I’m also supporting Maddi and Suz in our Recruitment team to help us attract the best possible candidates for our vacancies and give an insight into what it’s like working at Intuita.

How did you get to where you are today?

I always thrived at learning languages in school, so decided to study French and Spanish at university. From there, I didn’t have a clear plan, but I’ve always had a creative flair and been great at writing, so marketing was a strong contender. I got myself a job near Manchester as a Trading and Marketing Executive for a Spanish e-commerce site, but always knew I wanted to live and work in London. In 2018 I made the move to London and joined a PR agency where I stayed for over three years, working across a range of B2B and B2C clients.

While I loved the client-agency relationships we built and getting exposure to lots of different projects, I was excited at the prospect of working in-house for a company I really believed in, being able to see the direct impact of my work on the business. I found out about Intuita from someone working here already and it sounded like a great place to be – and here I am today!

What is the best thing about your job?

I think it has to be the team culture that has been built at Intuita. I’ve only been here a few weeks but it already feels like much longer, as you’re really encouraged to be yourself and get stuck in from day one. There’s a great sense of comradery among the group which makes it a really positive environment to work in, and it’s always enjoyable being in the office together.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #BreaktheBias – what’s your take on the issue?

I started reading Invisible Women after our CTO Darren recommended it to me in my first week, and it really opened my eyes to the serious lack of representation that women have had across various aspects of society. We need to shift our approach to and attitudes towards working policies and careers so that we can correct these failures of the past to ensure women have equal access and opportunities. Having women in influential roles will also ensure a steady flow of females coming up through the ranks to even out the imbalance we see in a lot of sectors, including the data industry, so it’s definitely an issue I am conscious of in my new role here at Intuita.

Invisible Women book cover

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